Conventional Soybeans

IP Soybean Program – 2020

S03-W4 2650 IY
OAC Strive 2650 IY
S07-M8 2700 IY
P11A10 2800 Y
S12-J7 2825 Y
B138CO (HS13C38) 2850 Y
HL99 3000 Y
SQWH Class All HU Any Yellow Hilum Variety grown from Certified Seed

Identity preserved soybeans stored on farm will receive a storage premium when delivered to Beatty Seeds Ltd plant in Bloomfield.

All identity preserved soybeans must be grown from certified seed. The grower must sign a production contract prior to the growing season.  This contract outlines the required documentation with regard to seed tags, seed invoices, crop rotation and chemical programs.

Revision Date: November 11, 2019